How do we price our cake?
August 2018
How do we price our cake?
Our cakes require a minimum of 3 days to be baked off and decorated. Since all of our cakes are unique and customized to our client needs, there are no set prices. Cakes are priced according to several different criteria. Our base prices per serving can give you a general idea of the estimated starting price of your cake. The base price includes the layered cake with filling, fondant icing, and very simple decorations. Other factors that add to the total cost of your cake include cake sculpting, gum paste decorations, detailed piping, hand painting, airbrushing, any other intricate design elements, and delivery. Pricing information will be provided when order is placed and a final design has been agreed upon.
Special Events and Wedding Cakes from
9,5€/pers to 16€/pers
Naked & Drip Cakes from 4,5€/pers to 9,5€/pers
Birthday & Novelty Cupcakes from 8€/pers to 15€/pers (min 10 pers)
3D & sculpted cakes : from 12€/pers to 20€/pers (min 20 pers)